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About Us


Thailand, one of the biggest tourist country in the world. The best known for Thailand is the foods and Thai cuisine. But not only the Foods that Thailand have, we also have glamorous handicraft products and superior beauty products as well.

Founded in 2018, under the collaboration between Thai and Chinese entrepreneurs, created "Sukho Thai Inter Corperate Co., Ltd" aiming to bring Thai products to the world markets. products to the world markets. Not only foods, but also other products as well.

Under the perspective of authentic Thai and understand customer needs, we can provide the better choices.We seek for products that enhance quality of health andquality of life of our customers. Not only plain and ordinary product that you can find in the market, we plan to step ahead and give something extraordinary to our customers.

Starting with our house brand, “Sukho”, and also other products are well selected to get the best for our customers. Numbers of screening processes, we guarantee to get the best products with  affordable price.

Our goal is to increase sales of Thai Products in world market which help to enhance and develop the quality of Thai products sustainably to catch up with the global market.