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Sukho Monthong Durian Freeze Dried Sticks


Sukho Monthong Durian Freeze Dried Sticks

Product Information

One Package contain 5 pieces 

Net Weight 30 Grams (5 x 6)

Energy 125 Kcal


Dehydrated Durian, one of the latest food innovations from Thailand. Dehydrate fresh duriank chunk to the stick remain the full taste of durian.

This preservative process can last the product into 1 year, you still can enjoy durian while there is no durian in the season!

The product is Monthong Durian, Monthong is Golden Pillow, the most known specie in Thailand. Monthong has many small, shrunken (aborted) seeds. 

This cultivar is very good for processing into dehydrated sticks.


Benefits of Durian :

  1. Monthong Durian Reduce Cholestorol
  2. Antioxidants
  3. Fiber from durian
  4. Good for heart and prevent cancer (in proper amount)