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Sukho Banana Fried Stick - Original Flavor


Sukho Banana Fried Stick - Original Flavor

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Banana can be found across Thailand. There might be over 30 varities. People said that, it is hard to imagine Thailand without bananas.

Not only as a fruits, Banana also influences many Thai cultures as well; in a wedding, offering and praying, etc. Many parts of banana have been used into many things!You can find banana as ingredients or dishes from the street foods to prestige luxury Thai restaurants. 


Banana fried stick are originally made from the local technique from the local traditional Thais. Each of the locals have their own techniques and seasoning style.

It is from many areas as OTOP (One Tambon , One Product) from many provinces in Thailand. And our banana are from Southern of Thailand. 

With the uniqute secret style of fry, the crispy texture last very long and mix with the grounded Paprika spice, the taste is unbelievably good.