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Sukho Coconut Water


Sukho Coconut Water

Product Information 

One Serving Bottle : 240 Ml

Energy per bottle : 60 Kcal 


Coconut Water or Coconut Juice are commonly found in tropical or hot areas. Unlike Coconut Milk, the Fresh coconuts water are harvested from the young green coconut from the trees.

Coconut Water are also many ingredients for many dishes and drinks, for example Sparkling Coconut Water Citrus, Coconut Water Popsicles, Strawberry Coconut Water, etc


The benefits of Coconut Milk are;

  1. Estrogen Hormones to reduce aging
  2. Collagen and Ilastin 
  3. Antioxidants
  4. Contain Amino Acid, Potassium and etc.
  5. Cytokinins Hormones to prevent cancer